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SIGN Cloud


SIGNCloud software allows the capture of sales leads, develop quick and detailed quotes, create job sheets, WIP and production reports, allows tracking of jobs, times, costs and clients. Imagine your people using SIGNCloud at KiM Sign and Quote Software, where we strive to provide solutions that will help you quote easier and make your business easier to run. Effectively building an asset of knowledge locked into the process, allowing easy and controlled growth whilst keeping you in control of the sign and digital print business.

KiM software stands for “Knowledge and Information Management” as its foundation stone and guiding vision. This sign and print knowledge is backed by over 40+ of successful years in sign and print manufacturing.

It's no wonder why around 200+ Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea clients have chosen our quoting and business software over the opposition – plainly no other software in the market place has the background and proven success of ours, our clients are happy to have their say. >> read what other say

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